PillusioN's GM Application

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PillusioN's GM Application

Post  PillusioN on Thu Sep 02, 2010 5:04 pm

-Real name: Tony Nguyen

-Age: 16

-Contact Information: completely.loved@live.com

-About me [should be in a paragraph form]:
-Somethings about me.. I am a very kind and helpful person.
I go out play basketball, shops, malls, movies etc, with friends, and i go out because i don't spend my life on computers etc... I have reach my maturity even though i can act casually and immature sometimes so i can have a laugh with people [sometimes] and I'm only a person.

-I'm a very calm person never tempered over what people say, when you get to know me you'll know what I'm like..

I have a bit of experience when i was messing around in the server i made myself to test out items, but that's about all the experience i have... I'm willing to get some experience while playing this server as a gm, or whom that will/may teach me.
-I have experience in PhotoShop with making signatures I've been using it for a few months maybe 1-2 months now.
-I have experience on efly aswell, i got a BP/RM/KNIGHT on demain, LEVELS; 115/90M/115M

-How did you know about the server: GTOP100.com

-Hours online:3-6hours

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Re: PillusioN's GM Application

Post  Admin on Thu Sep 02, 2010 8:31 pm


App Format: PASSED
Interview: PASSED




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