Hplars' GM Application

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Hplars' GM Application

Post  Hplars on Thu Sep 02, 2010 5:43 pm

Real Name:
Ralph Lisan


Contact Information:

About me:
O.k It really depends on what you think of i am...
i'm pretty curious on somethings and silently finding that certain thing out, I'm a person in real life but a normal happy go lucky guy in cyber life i can be friendly if you approach me in person but i can approach you in cyber life.
Well it's a two different life so i have to change my attitudes.I like nice people and dislikes stubborn people like for the same old reasons.

I've never been a GM before but i know how hard it is. I was once a Chat Moderator on some Private Servers
and i understand how hard it is because they're telling it to me and i listen so everytime the server's off on the private server i'm working on as a Chat Moderator I always explain to the people that it is not easy to be a GM specially the ones who always yields that they can become a better GM. I want to become a GM so i can experience how really hard is being a GM be i'm ready to serve players for their enjoyment and I'm also ready to face some problems that i/we might encounter.And going to do my job as a GM exceptionally though it depends on what players view to me.

How did you know about the server?: Gtop100/Flyff (http://www.gtop100.com/flyff)

Hours Online: (Not Specified) 30-45 Minutes (after discovering this server)


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Re: Hplars' GM Application

Post  Admin on Thu Sep 02, 2010 11:41 pm

September 4, 2010
6:00pm [GMT]+8

Note: Late of 15mins will be disqualified.


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