GM App <3 :clown:

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GM App <3 :clown:

Post  Nightmare/ on Sun Oct 10, 2010 7:10 am

My Real Name: Maurice, but just call me Ricie or Ritzi.

My Age:Im 18 Years old and im born in Germany.

My Contact Information:You can Contact me on Xat (Xat Name: Nightmare) or on ICQ.

My Language: I can Speak German and English

How long i play flyff:I play Flyff Like 3-4 Years, I have Blade lvl 74, a Billposter lvl 92, a Ringmaster lvl 102 and a Yo-yo Jester lvl 84 on the Official Flyff Server Luia.I played on Diverse Privat servers too.

Have you ever been banned for any reason on Official or Privat Server? NO

How much time each day do you spend on O'Clock Flyff, on the forum or ingame?
I am sometimes more, sometimes less time online. but I would say in the week, beetween 5-7 hours, and on the weekend Beetween 7-9. hours.

Experience as GameMaster:I have experience as a GameMaster because i was GM on Different Server Like FlyForUniverse. The Server Goes Down...

Explain why you think, you are a good GM/ChatMod:
I think I'm doing with my experience can help many players, so if they need help, not just lose the fun of the game and stop.

About Me:Im 183 cm high, an my weight are 76 kilogram, Im a Frindly person, i dont smoke, i like to drive scooter later car i try to get driver licens atm.
I likes to swimm too. I completed recently with school and work just for 1 year in the community. I'm planning for this year, my secondary school certificate to imitate, and I then designed a training as an insurance salesman. I like to work in the garden and in the office, I'm saving now for my dream car, a 1969 Camaro. i Try'd some other MMORPG like Fiesta But i dont like it. I like too Play GTA San Andreas and Baldurs Gate on PS2. I keep hearing the three question mark on my mp4 player when I work.I hope I have time later, my dream car and a nice house, I want 2 children 1 boy 1 girl. xDD I like to eat pizza and for dessert apple pie.
Ok Enought from me.tongue

How seriously you take your Game Master Life:
I take my Game Master existence as serious as a job. I am reliable and trustworthy to other players.

What do u think is the most importang thing a gm can do:
A GM should take good care of all the players,and no Player prefer.

Conclusion: I'm always (when im on my pc) in the chat

Hope so that u take me Very Happy

Peace out

tongue cheers


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Re: GM App <3 :clown:

Post  Mentor on Sun Oct 10, 2010 11:09 pm

Hmmmm nice GM Aplication, Ithink ure the First really Nice GM that we will have, well You're Hired Welocme in our Team.. Smile


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