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Psykeeper Build

Post  dangel69 on Thu Sep 02, 2010 6:27 pm


With the correct build and a bit of funding, they can be very fast levelers,

Their spells ignore a monsters elemental weaknesses and strengths, and blasts
their HP directly. This can be good and bad. For example, you won’t be
receiving any damage penalties due to a monster’s elemental affinity, and
you can use the same skill on any monsters, really.

The only problem, is that you won’t be dealing any extra damage against a
monster’s elemental weakness, either. Every psykeeper skill is ‘neutral’,
and has no elemental advantage. And as I mentioned, you’ll be using the same
skill over and over. So, things may get boring over time.

As I already mentioned, Psykeepers specialize in Player vs. Player Combat,
so you’ll mostly find your enjoyment in that section of the game. Psykeepers
are awesome classes in guild wars, too. And really, you will be able to
terminate anything that gets in your way (Except for a ranger, and a yoyo
jester. I will explain why later.)

Psykeeper Pros and Cons:

This section is pretty much a summary of what I said above, but in point form:

- Has Flexible builds (Area of Effect, Crucio, and Satan. I will explain more
- Can be one of the fastest leveling classes in the game from level 60-80
- Extremely powerful spells
- Spells have no affinity weakness.
- Specializes in Player vs Player Combat.
- Has two different Area of Effect attacks
- Excellent in Guild wars
- Equipment is pretty cheap.
- Extremely efficient giant killers (You can kill giants multiple levels ahead
of you, easily. You may need a bit of patience, though.)
- With the correct build, can slay higher level monsters in a few seconds

- Tends to get boring fast…
- Only a few spells (Around 8 different spells, each one can be mastered at
- One specific spell got nerfed in player vs. player combat, rendering it
practically useless. (I’ll explain the spell later)
- Spells have no affinity strength
- One of a psykeeper’s Area of Effect attacks has a 10 second cooldown time
- Technically…you level a psykeeper for player vs. player combat. If you don’t
like player vs. player combat, you may want to try a different class instead.

That’s about it. I recommend looking at other classes before picking one
specific class. If you’re positive about picking this class, then read on.

Here’s a small word bank of words you may need to know, incase you don’t know
about them yet (These are only going to be relevant to the guide though. This
isn’t a giant FlyFF dictionary x_x ):

- HP = Hit Points. If this hits zero, you’re dead. You can recover your HP
naturally over time, or by using food. Assists/Ringmasters/Billposters can
also cast Heal on you, to recover your HP. (Available at the Food shop)

- MP = Mana Points. Spells cost mana points. You can recover MP naturally, or
by using MP Refreshers (Available at the General Store)

- Exp = You need 100% to level up. When you level up, you can distribute two
stat points to: Str, Sta, Dex, or Int.

- Int = Increases your Max. MP, and increases your Maximum spell damage.
(For assists, it also increases Buff time, and healing power)

- Sta = Increases your Max HP and defense.

- Area of Effect (AoE) = Involves gathering a bunch of monsters, and blowing
them all up at once. It’s a method of leveling, and it varies from class
to class.

- Holy Cross = Ringmaster skill, can be casted on monsters. When the monster is
attacked, they receive 2x damage. This can also work on Humans, too.

- Asalraalaikum = Level 80 Billposter skill. Uses all mana. Basically a One-Hit
Kill spell. If you’re hit, you’re dead. (Most of the time) It can be disabled
by Silent Arrow, though.

- Silent Arrow = Level 75 Ranger Skill, can disable spells for 15 seconds. Very
deadly against other mages/elementors/psykeepers.

If I find any more, I’ll put them here. Feel free to send in Lingo definitions,
if you wish. (It would make my life a lot easier…)

The Builds

There are three different builds for a psykeeper: Crucio, Satanology, and Area
of Effect(AoE).

Each one has its own specific advantages and disadvantages, so you should pick
one with the advantages you like best. You don’t want to pick a build that you
will consider boring, forcing
you to quit. Classes will be ranked with the following: Damage, HP, Usefulness
later on in the game, PvP/PvM Efficiency, and leveling speed.

I’ll also list the main spells that the selected class normally uses, so you
can look them up in the Skills section incase you get lost. If you see a
psykeeper spell that you don’t know about, look it up on the Skills list.

Crucio Psykeepers

HP: 9/10
MP: 5/10
Damage: 4.5/10

PvM Efficiency: 6/10
PvP Efficiency: 6/10
Guild War Efficiency: 6/10
Leveling Speed: 8.5/10

Usefulness Later on in the game: 4/10

Str: 15
Sta: XXX (Add all points here)
Dex: 15
Int: 15

Main Spells Used:
- Crucio Spell
- Satanology
- Psychic Wall

Quick Summary:

The first thing one should note about Crucio psykeepers, is the build. As odd
as this mage build is, that’s the way it is: Put all your stats into Stamina.
Why? It’s because of the way they level. You’ll find out why later.

While they’re able to level extremely fast from 60 to 80, they’ll begin to slow
down afterwards, for reasons, which I’ll say later.

Use in PvM:

First, you will be using the spell “Crucio” to level up. If you didn’t read the
description of the spell already, basically any monster that attacks you, will
deal 2x damage to itself. If a monster deals 2,000 damage to you, it will do
4,000 damage to itself, regardless of level. However, Crucio must be maxed out
in order
to do this.

The Crucio build is the fastest class in the game from levels 60 to 80.
Afterwards, their leveling speed will decrease, since Glaphans (Level 102-104
monsters) won’t give much exp at level 80, and the ‘desert monsters’ are much
too powerful to Crucio for effective exp (At level 80, taking two glaphans is
pretty work. However, taking two desert monsters may be a bit difficult,
and you may die a few times).

Another thing to note, is their attack power, which is quite atrocious for a
psykeeper. With only 15 int, you won’t be killing anything at a fast speed if
you wish to try AoE’ing or Satanology killing.

There is a way to remedy this, however. From levels 65 to 80, I would
recommend adding Int, so when you stop Crucio leveling, you will have a decent
amount of Int to begin AoE’ing. You can also use a few Int +5 to +6, Intrets,
MP Necklaces, and a couple of Mighteers to boost up your attack power, as well.

Use in PvP:

A crucio psykeeper isn’t the strongest class in a PvP, but they can tank quite
a few hits before going down. With a few Int rings and an MP necklace however,
that minimal damage can be increased by a small bit, allowing the player to
deal a few extra hundred points of damage. However, their damage will be pretty
low to do anything deadly.

A crucio psykeeper should be able to hold its own in a fight. However, one may
want to watch out for knights, since their HP is equally as high as a Crucio
psykeeper, but may be able to deal a bit more damage..

Use in Guild Wars:

When it comes to guild wars, the only thing that really hurts a crucio
psykeeper, is its low attack power. As said above, the best remedy for it,
are a couple of Int Rings, MP Necklaces, and Mighteers.

The only problem that I find with Crucio psykeepers, is that they attract too
much attention. And the fact that they can’t kill targets very fast, can be a
major downside on the Crucio psykeeper’s part.

Their low Int will also cost them with some of their spells, such as having a
reduced Satanology time, a low damaging Spirit bomb, and low attack power in

My best recommendation is to attack players who aren’t really aware of your
presence, and target the lighter classes, such as blades and Ringmasters.

Later on in the game…:

Crucio psykeepers are extremely fast levels from 60 to 80. Afterwards, their
leveling speed begins to slow down, a lot. As for PvP, they’re tanks with low
firepower. They won’t deal much damage, which disables them from going
after heavier targets, such as knights, Sta Billposters, etc.

A wise Crucio psykeeper would begin adding int from 65 to 80, then continue
adding Stamina again. But if one doesn’t get any Int to help them out, they’re
in for a bumpy ride.

Final Verdict?

Satanology Psykeepers

HP: 4/10
MP: 9/10
Damage: 10/10

PvM Efficiency: 8/10
PvP Efficiency: 7.5/10
Guild War Efficiency: 7/10
Leveling Speed: 5/10

Usefulness Later on in the game: 6.5/10

Build 1:
Str: 15
Sta: 40
Dex: 15
Int: XXX (Rest of the points go here)

Build 2:
Str: 15
Sta: 15
Dex: 15
Int: XXX (Rest of the points go here)

Main Spells Used:
Psychic Bomb
Spirit Bomb

Quick Comments:

This build is the opposite of a Crucio psykeeper: In exchange for HP, the
Satanology Psykeepers get an extremely high amount of Int, and are able to deal an insane amount of damage to its opponents.

Use in PvM:

The ability to terminate a massive amount of damage in a single hit, is awesome.
However, even though a Satanology Psykeeper can deal massive damage per hit, it
will still take a while to kill a monster. Contradiction? In a way, yes.
However, you will see why this is not just a contradiction.

From level 60 to 65, it may be a bit difficult to level a Satanology Psykeeper
up. Their low HP leaves them vulnerable to Agro monsters, and it will only
take a couple of hits to take down a Satanology Psykeeper. Expect to die a
few times.

At level 65, a recommended spell to use to level would be Psychic Bomb, since
it has a 30% chance of stunning an opponent (Very useful, since a Satanology
Psykeeper’s HP is quite low) This can be really useful, and may end up saving
your life every so often.

At level 65, Satanology Psykeepers will make full use of the spells,
Satanology, and Spirit Bomb. A satanology Psykeeper will:
1) Lock an opponent into place with Satanology
2) Attack the opponent’s Weak spot with Spirit Bomb for Massive Damage.
(Giant Enemy Crab ftw)

For starters, locking an opponent in place with Satanology will take up a few
seconds. Then, killing it will take a bit more time, depending on your
remaining MP, since Spirit Bomb’s attack power goes down as the Psykeeper’s
remaining MP goes down.

Of course, at later levels, Spirit Bomb will get stronger, and with access to
a Ringmaster for Holy Cross, the need for Satanology will go down at times,
since you will be able to kill monsters before they get close enough to hit you.
However, you may need it again when your MP begins to hit half, and your
ability to kill monsters quickly will go down.

However, the only problem I have with this, is that Satanology Psykeepers will
only be using two spells to level. It may get boring over time, but if you’re
cool with using two spells to level from 65 onward to Hero status, then you’ll
be ok. (…Two spells to level up, in my opinion, is really crap.)

Use in PvP:

Make sure you land the first shot. That’s the most important advice I can give
you. If you allow your opponent to get close enough to hit you, you’re pretty
much dead.

Try to make sure there’s some distance between you and your opponent before
casting a spell. It should only take one to two hits to kill your opponent,
so try using your action slot, so you don’t have to cast twice.

Oh and, don’t use Satanology from level 65 to 69…It’s just plain useless on its
own…Within the time that you cast Satanology, your opponent would already be
close enough to hack you to bits. Also, don’t forget, the chances of it
succeeding go down when fighting another Player, so it would be best not to use
the spell, risking your life on a reduced chance of success.

When you retrieve it, Psychic Wall will be an excellent addition to your PvP
Arsenal. The ability to knock back any close-ranged fighters will be very
useful when fighting blades, knights, billposters, etc.

Use in Guild Wars:

Deadly. Just plain deadly.

This is where a psykeeper can start casting Satanology again. There should be
lots of distancebetween you and countless opponents, so you should be able to
Satanology quite a few of them, then blow them all up one by one.

The only major pain, is your HP. If anyone gets close enough to attack, it will
only take a couple of hits to take you down, so watch out for any incoming

Other than that…Just watch your remaining MP, and you should do fine in a guild

In the end…:
They’re slow to level, but pack a mean punch in PvP, and guild wars. The only
major thing I don’t like about them, is their reliance on Spirit Bomb. The
longer it’s used, the less MP one will have, and the weaker it will become.
And, really, I just don’t like their low HP.

But hey, if you can look passed those couple of weaknesses, you’ve got yourself
a fun class. With the right tactics, you can dominate PvP entirely, too.

Final Verdict?

Area of Effect (AoE) Psykeepers

HP: 8/10
MP: 6/10
Damage: 7/10

PvM Efficiency: 7.5/10
PvP Efficiency: 8/10
Guild War Efficiency: 9/10
Leveling Speed: 8/10

Usefulness Later on in the game: 8.5/10

Build 1:
Str: 15
Sta: 100
Dex: 15
Int: XXX (Rest of the points go here)

Build 2:
Str: 15
Sta: XXX (Rest of the points go here)
Dex: 15
Int: 30-60 Int

Spells Used:
Maximum Crisis
Psychic Wall
Psychic Square

Quick Comments:
You basic AoE class, with a couple of twists, and the ability to PvP extremely
well. Not many other comments to say, really.

Use in PvM:

I hear this quote all the time whenever I tell people what type of psykeeper
I am: “Why would you become a psykeeper if you plan to AoE? You should have
become an elementor instead”.

And really, I have to agree with them. If you’re going to become a psykeeper
JUST to AoE (No PvP involved), I would just turn back, and find the nearest
Elementor Guide to help you out, since elementors are much more efficient in
PvM than psykeepers.

Basically, an AoE psykeeper will have a good amount of HP to tank enemy hits,
and it will deal a good amount of damage. In my opinion, an AoE Psykeeper can
be compared to knight, when it comes to leveling. However, the psykeeper offers
some of a knight’s HP and defense up for extra attack points.

To level, one would just attack a bunch of monsters within close range to his
level, then use a spell called “Maximum Crisis” to blow them all up at once.
One can retrieve the monsters with either a regular wand attack, or a spell
such as Demonology.

Since Maximum Crisis, the Psykeeper’s Area of Effect Spell is retrieved at
level 65, leveling from 60 to 65 as an AoE Psykeeper can be pretty rough.
However, an AoE Psykeeper should have enough HP to be able to Crucio his way to
65, then begin AoE’ing.

Other than that, there’s nothing else to note. An AoE Psykeeper will be using
Maximum Crisis to AoE from 65, onwards to Hero status. However, at level 75,
psykeepers will get another spell called “Psychic Square”, which is a ranged
AoE spell.

Basically, you can make all the monsters follow you, and while they’re
following you, if they’re cramped close enough, you can cast Psychic Square
from a distance and hit them all at once.

So in the end…AoE Psykeepers, even though they’re quite basic, they’re able to
get the job done. And they can also make levels 60 to 65 quite easy with Crucio.
Heck, an AoE psykeeper could Crucio all the way to 75 if he wanted to, then
begin AoE’ing. It’s really up to the player, though.

Use in PvP:

Basically, take a Crucio psykeeper, decrease his HP by a small amount, take a
Satanology Psykeeper’s attack power, cut it in half, and you have an AoE

So, what advantages does this class have? Plenty.

First of all, an AoE Psykeeper is able to tank quite a few hits before going
down, giving one the ability to fight face to face with some of the classes
without using any special tactics to get some space in between, like the
Satanology psykeepers.

Secondly, their damage is pretty solid. Each shot should deal a good amount of
damage, and with a few Mighteers, Int rings and an MP necklace, they will be
able to deal much more powerful shots.

They also have the ability to take advantage of Satanology and Spirit Bomb,
as well. With the extra Int, a Psykeeper will be able to stop an opponent from
moving for a good amount of time, and deal good damage with Spirit Bomb,
as well.

With the extra attack power, and the good amount of HP, they are capable of
fighting every class in the game, being able to put up a formidable fight for
each. An AoE Psykeeper will deal hard damage, and their HP will make them a
tough opponent to kill.

Use in Guild Wars:

A deadly class to use in guild wars, for reasons listed above: High HP, good
attack power, and can make use of most of a psykeeper’s spells.

With those two combined with a psykeeper’s spells such as Satanology and
Psychic Wall, an AoE Psykeeper can make a living tank during a guild war.

However, there are a couple of flaws to them. While their damage is still high
enough to make an impact, it’s not high enough to terminate the heavier classes
fast enough. Especially on players who are much higher in level than the AoE

It would be best to use Satanology on them, and get someone to help terminate
the heavier classes.

Other than that, I can’t really find any other weaknesses to them. They’re
really powerful in Guild Wars.

In the end…:

If a Crucio Psykeeper wishes to add Int from 65 to 80, this will most likely
end up being the result: A Powerful, AoE and PvP Machine. While AoE Psykeepers
don’t really AoE as well as other classes, they still manage to get the job
done, and they make up for that with an impressive ability to PvP/Guild War

Later on in levels, AoE psykeepers level much faster than Satanology Psykeepers,
as well.

However, if one wishes to AoE, and not look at the PvP Aspect of FlyFF, it
would be best to eithermlook at Elementors or Rangers. They’re far better
than Psykeepers at AoE’ing. Not to mention, AoE Psykeepers are pretty boring
to level.


Jerick ;>


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Re: Psykeeper Build

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Did you alt+C o;?
Anyways thanks for posting.

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Re: Psykeeper Build

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NEVER plagiarize for anything you do, At-least leave credits. You'll always end up getting BUSTED! And, you shouldn't ever be plagiarizing if you have applied for the position of a Game-Master. That just decreases your chances of getting selected.

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Re: Psykeeper Build

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